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Blogs, Forums, Communities Have Info For Investment Seekers

As investors, when we find ourselves unhappy with the performance of investments in our portfolio, we begin the search for a suitable replacement; or if need be, replacements. Nowadays the pursuit of investing answers almost always begins with a visit to an internet search engine. Choices found here will include a collection of blog posts, forum discussions, and community boards. These web resources can be used to provide investment-seekers with the insight, information, and experience they need to make confident investment decisions.


There seems to be a never-ending supply of investment advisers and fund managers eager to share their views and opinions in blogs and articles. That said, investors should be cautious about relying heavily on the information found in independent online publications. After all, many of the posts and comments are authored by advisers and managers with their own investment fund to push, and personal agenda to pursue. They are in no way unbiased.


Forums, like Communities discussed below, are a place where like-minded people can congregate to discuss common interests; like investing. Information shared in this environment is a mix of expert, amateur, and idiot. The greatest challenge to extracting information from here is that conflicting opinions and information can confuse investors.


In an online community, like the Forums discussed above, people – expert or otherwise – are free to share their views and opinions with anyone who will listen. This means that the information received can be helpful or harmful to investment seekers. Investors should carefully vet their sources to determine who is full of wins, and who is “full of wind.”

Any or all of these online resources can help investors find investments to invest in. The challenge is to identify which information being shared is genuine, and which information is intended to fool an investor. This certainly does not mean that you should rely on a money manager to choose your entire portfolio. It is important for investors to have input and be confident that the investment decisions being made are moving them closer to their financial and investing goals.

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Sarah Paige Andrews

I am an independent investor with an affinity for alternative investment offerings. To educate myself, I research and report on nontraditional options.